Flooding is devastating for Animals in Nebraska & Iowa.

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Flooding is devastating in the Midwest States! Please help us with rescue supplies, food, and veterinarian care for the animals trying to be rescued from the floods plaguing Nebraska and Iowa. The snow and rain flooding killed at least four people and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, killing untold numbers of livestock. We’re hearing up to 1 million calves may have been killed.

Right now the floods that have devastated large parts of Nebraska and Iowa since late last week left house pets homeless, inflicted an unknown toll on livestock and led to several daring water rescues of animals from dogs to horses. In some cases, the flooding uncovered animal hoarders, such as a house on the outskirts of Omaha where teams pulled out 75 cats and dogs.

Rescuers, where the rivers began spilling over their banks, are working overtime to save dogs and cats along with their owners. 189 adults and eight children were pulled from flooded homes in Waterloo, about 20 miles west of Omaha, along with approximately 87 dogs, eight cats, one rabbit, two birds, two hamsters, and 26 horses. A few families had up to six dogs which were loaded on an air boat at the same time as the families were being evacuated from flood waters.

The American Red Lion Disaster Fund will continue to work aggressively to provide supplies for the animals suffering or abandoned by the floods by identifying and providing funds and supplies to the credible, boots on the ground local shelters and hospitals who are providing for their urgent rescue and care. We have earned The Great Nonprofit badge since our inception, as well as the Gold Seal of Transparency from Guide Star, the nation's leading nonprofit rating organization.

Will you please consider a donation? We always have current information on animal welfare organizations who are working when disaster strikes. Not everyone is honest, legitimate, or on the front lines helping. We know who they are. We follow and work with these credible boots on the ground organizations while they rescue animals. They need supplies and funds and we help them with your donations. There are approximately 30,000 animal welfare organizations in the US. When disaster strikes fake charities and nonsensical "Go Fund Me" campaigns surface to solicit donations from well meaning, emotional people. It's horrible, but it exists. On the other hand, we live to work with and help the most sensible, sustainable logical animal welfare organizations succeed at rescuing the most animals at the least possible cost.

Please consider a donation.

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