Hurricane Harvey: Thousands Of Animals Stranded, Cold, Hungry, & Suffering. August 2017.

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Hurricane Harvey was American Red Lion Disaster funds first major disaster and we were receiving reports on the hour about hundreds of animals including horses, dogs, cats, cattle, & pigs that are stranded in flood waters shivering and cold.

We provided funds daily via a selected list of 2000 animal shelters in Texas who were on the front lines throughout the hurricane aggressively rescuing animal.

The following organizations have received funds for the immediate aid in Hurricane Harvey animal rescue.

August 2017 - December 2017 

Dallas Dogrrr, Houston, Texas  Hurricane Harvey

Tall Tails Rescue Wagoner, Oklahoma Hurricane Harvey

Tall Tails Animal Rescue, Houston, Texas Hurricane Harvey

Harris County Animals, Harris County, Texas Hurricane Harvey

Paws and Claws Wilmington, North Carolina Hurricane Harvey

Guardians of Rescue Smithtown, New York Hurricane Harvey

Safe Haven for Cats Raleigh, North Carolina Hurricane Irma

Community Pet Project Hillsborough County, Florida Hurricane Irma

Dream Fetchers, Boston Massachusetts 

Pup it Forward Animal Network, Houtson, Texas Hurricane Harvey

"The American Red Lion Disaster Fund was able to support our organization during a critical time of need. The organization generously donated to us to help save dogs and cats who were displaced by the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. With their help and the help of our amazing supporters we were able to save 86 dogs and 15 cats who otherwise would have lost their lives. We are so incredibly thankful for the donation the American Red Lion Disaster Fund was able to provide to us."

Read more about our rescue mission here

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