Hurricane Irma: No rescue help left after Harvey. Animals fend for themselves. August 2017.

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

No sappy pleas here. Just the facts.

"In Hollywood, Florida, a frantic woman called out to Guardians of Rescue on Wednesday and cried for help after finding a German Shepherd trapped under a camper cap since Hurricane Irma – four days ago. The woman had called numerous other rescue organizations, but no one came to help; everyone was overburdened and overwhelmed because of lack of electricity, fuel and access to some of the worst affected areas."

There are 2000 animal welfare shelters in the State of Florida and no one could help?

This might have been so much better if Irma hit 2 months after Harvey. But it didn't. Our hearts are destroyed by the thousands of animals who are lost, hungry, wounded, and displaced as a result of Irma. American Red Lion barely finished the work for Harvey.

But these situations are going to keep happening.  Unless we prevent it from happening again. We won't stop working. American Red Lion works 24/7 during disasters to find, work, and support the organizations who are on the ground and available to help.  Our animals do not have to suffer like this. .

Hurricane Irma Animal Rescue
Shepard trapped in debris under camper after Hurricane Irma for 4 days.

One organization in Tampa physically rescued over 50 dogs tethered to poles, trees & doghouses. Extremely difficult to imagine the reasons why people would do this. Just leaving them tied to drown. But they do.

Albert Einstein states, "The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

Please make a donation today to help the thousands of animals who are counting on us to help them.  It's only because of your donations that we can help animals to be rescued.

American Red Lion's Hurricane Irma Animal Rescue Impact.

We funded the following organizations for Hurricane Irma Animal Rescue:

Guardians of Rescue Smithtown, New York Hurricane Irma

Safe Haven for Cats Raleigh, North Carolina Hurricane Irma

Community Pet Project Hillsborough County, Florida Hurricane Irma

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More thanks than you can imagine,

Janelle Babington Founder & CEO American Red Lion Disaster Fund

( I chose to not share a more graphic photo of the Shepard. Please email me if you would like to see it.}

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