• prettygrey1Client Served 06/02/2020


    Thank you very much American Red Lion for helping me through a difficult time from losing my father taking his furry friends as companions with mine i appreciate the kitty food and litter im very blessed to have angels like you all. Shana M.-

  • michelle8202Client Served 06/02/2020


    Red Lion saves me from being faced with the choice to re-home by fur babies! Between this pandemic and a new preemie baby myself, I was at a loss when it came to where my pets next meals would come from. I reached out and prayed, God heard and answered. Thank you so much and all the wonderful people who donate that made this possible. You are truly a blessing.

  • littleurchinsVolunteer 03/18/2020


    Thank you for the unconditional support you have given Little Urchins wildlife sanctuary, we are absolutely thrilled to be supported by you and your generosity will help so many injured wildlife, as it will help us to equip our treatment room. We have struggled for so long to help our injured animals an now with a dedicated treatment room, and your support to help equip it, so many animals like Skye, And Ruby will heal and rehabilitate in a safe and stress free environment.

  • Wild2FreeVolunteer 03/19/2020


    I can't thank Red Lion Disaster Fund, and especially Janelle, enough for not only a donation towards our bushfire recovery, but the emotional support as well. Treating bush fire surviving kangaroos at our sanctuary, after losing my home on NYE 2019 in the devastating NSW South Coast Bushfire, has been and continues to be challenging. It's great that Janelle recognises how long and ongoing the work goes on, long after the media have left.

    I’ve attached a photo of Penny, one of our bushfire survivors. Penny arrived in May 2018 after her mother died in a car accident. On her 1st birthday in late October, the adventurous wild child dislocated one of her feet! She went to visit Dr Howard Ralph at Southern Cross Wildlife Care (an amazing charity), and received specialist care. She is pictured with volunteer Nurse Greg on a second visit, when she tore ligaments in her OTHER foot. After 5 months of additional rehab and 7 specialist vet trips, Penny was free to hop again. After all she has endured, we feel so lucky to say she is one of our survivors and even has her first tiny joey (father Brutus) in the pouch.

    Also, lovely 5 year old Clover, who was bought back into care, several months after the fire, having not fully healed. I'm pleased to advise she is hopping again for the first time since the fire 3.5 months ago.


  • KangaroosClient Served 03/24/2020


    Thank you American Red Lion for your kindness and generosity. You and your sponsors have made such an incredible difference to Australian wildlife, shelter operators and rescuers.
    Here at Red Box Wildlife Shelter we not only care for wildlife but endeavour to share what we have with others around us. Through helping with supplies (that ultimately come from organisations like yours) and education programs.
    We could not do what we do without the help and kindness of others. From across the pond, you have our deepest gratitude.
    Local rescuers out saving orphaned baby kangaroos have special syringes because of you.
    Shelters (including us) have specially made formula because of you.
    Primary school aged children across the globe are learning about kangaroos because of you.
    What you do has a ripple effect across the globe and to witness it is humbling.
    Again, you and your corporate sponsors have our deepest gratitude and so many kangaroos are alive because of you. May this thought bring you all great joy.
    Keep up the work you do.
    It is needed and the world is watching.

    Scott and Nikki Medwell
    Red Box Wildlife Shelter
    Elphinstone, Victoria

  • prettygrey1Client Served 06/02/2020


    Thank you very much American Red Lion for helping me through a difficult time from losing my father taking his furry friends as companions with mine i appreciate the kitty food and litter im very blessed to have angels like you all. Shana M.-

  • emilyacevedoClient Served06/07/2019


    This photo is of Mae, aka Giraffe. She was our most severe burn cat from the Camp Fire. The bottom photo is the day she was found in the fire zone, the top photo was taken about a month and a half before she was medically cleared. A reporter was here from KATU in Portland, OR doing a report on the situation in Paradise- a group of firefighters working on the area found the cat and they worked together to get her down the hill and to the temporary shelter for care, where she was subsequently transferred to us with 16 other burned cats. The KATU reporter contacted us about her progress about a month in and we did a story update with them in December. Our local Bauer Animal Health Rep is also a Registered Veterinary Technician and jumped to help when the burn cats were transferred to us. She fell in love with Giraffe while awaiting with her treatment and once she was cleared, adopted her and renamed her Mae. Mae was with us being treated for her injuries from November 12th to March 12th and was adopted on March 13th. The photo below is of her about 2 months post-adoption enjoying a little sun in the yard with her new family. The donated funds we received in the aftermath of the Camp Fire made this success story possible along with countless others.


  • General Member of the Public 05/27/2019


    I am so grateful for this group. I have dogs. I always worry about where I will bring them during a disaster. I know American Red Lion is working towards finding buildings and shelters to rescue these animals during hurricanes. Their dedication to help find safe places for animals during disasters is second to none. I'm comfortable knowing they are working for a solution.

  • Lakeside.Animal.RescueClient Served05/28/2019


    Lakeside Animal Rescue appreciates the donation we received to help aid in the care of the neglected,abandoned and abused animals.

  • Terri L.1Board Member05/11/2019


    Thank you American Red Lion Disaster Fund for your generous and unexpected donation to Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue. For over four weeks Muddy Paws was involved in water rescues of companion animals as well as livestock when floodwaters hit Mills County in Iowa. Over 200 animals were taken into our rescue, many requiring urgent medical attention. Your donation helped provide the necessary care for these displaced animals and was greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for kindness and support! Here are a couple pictures of our rescue efforts.
    Thank you from all of us at Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue!

  • eims1Professional with expertise in this field05/01/2019


    The American Red Lion Disaster & Abuse Fund is a great resource for people who want to make a donation, but aren't sure where it will best be used. It's comforting to know that this non-profit organization vets charities to ensure that funds are donated to upstanding agencies. There are so many scams out there, and American Red Lion takes the fear out of donating. Keep up the great work!

  • Margo G.Client Served02/21/2019


    We at Hurricane Florence Cat Relief would like to thank American Red Lion Disaster Fund for their ongoing support of our mission to help the community cats of Pender County. Without such support we could not continue to help these little flood survivors.

  • "qthansen

    Board Member03/23/2019


    The Chico Cat Coalition was very thankful to receive an unexpected donation from the American Red Lion Disaster & Abuse Fund. The Camp Fire that had recently ravaged Butte County left many animals, cats in particular, on the streets and searching for safety. The donation received was quickly put to use viral testing and vaccinating rescued cats so we can now focus on rehoming then. We are so thankful that they thought of us and helped us continue our rescue efforts!!

    Here are just a few of the impacted cats feeling safe and secure at our shelter after surviving the horrendous fire.

  • "ChicoShelterClient Served02/14/2019


    THANK YOU to American Red Lion Disaster Fund, who sent us a donation to help with the animals we took in from the Camp Fire! The Chico Animal Shelter housed all the animals that were evacuated from the Paradise Animal Shelter the morning of the fire, as well as some animals that were found in the burned areas. We also took in some of the owned animals that were not doing well at the temporary animal shelters set up by the county. When the temporary shelters were closed down, we took in most of the stray dogs and many of the stray cats from these shelters. In all we took in over 200 animals from the Camp Fire! Some animals found after the fire needed treatment for their burns. Ralph was found by a fire fighter 6 days after the fire. He was found hiding in a swamp cooler, part of the remains of a mobile home park. He was so covered with ash that at first we thought he was a buff tabby. After a bath, we discovered he was actually an orange tabby! His whiskers were singed and he had burned feet. After being treated for his injuries, he was adopted by one of the people from the mobile home park, as she recognized him as being Ralph, one of the community cats that was cared for by the people in the park. Attached are a before and after picture of Ralph, and another kitty that suffered burns from the fire. Thank you Red Lion, as without your help, we would not have been able to help as many animals from the Camp Fire Disaster as we did!!!! Chico Animal Shelter, Chico, CA"

  • July 23, 2018

    Since beginning my volunteer journey at Barn Sanctuary in October 2017, my life has changed radically. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to provide care for such incredible beings, alongside some downright awesome humans. Being able to personally connect with the residents of Barn has further opened my eyes and my heart to the plight of farmed animals simply by allowing me to discover the unique and individual personalities of each animal. I cherish my relationship with each individual, human and non, at the sanctuary and am so grateful for the opportunity to help do such important work alongside individuals who share my values and exude an unmatched level of compassion. I volunteer every week, twice a week when I can, and would not trade this opportunity for anything. Caring for the animals has given me a sense of purpose along with a renewed sense of peace and hope. Simply stepping foot on the property fills me with unbridled joy, and I cannot encourage people enough to fill out a volunteer application here or at their nearest farm animal sanctuary. Your life will only be better for it.

  • RescueNormBoard Member01/18/2019


    Just want to say thank you to Janelle and everyone involved with the American Red Lion Disaster Fund. Over 14,000 homes were destroyed during the recent Camp Fire in Northern California. The North Valley Animal Disaster Group, working with County emergency services, received over 10,000 calls to help shelter and evacuate animals. Our rescue and evacuation teams worked tirelessly to bring animals out of the fire area, and into four emergency animal shelters set up for the response. These shelters housed over 2000 animals during the height of the disaster. Without the generous financial assistance of individuals, groups, and funds like the American Red Lion Disaster Fund, we could not do our work taking care of the animals. Thank you so much for your support!

  • ExecutivedirectorECWR2018Professional with expertise in this field11/28/2018


    Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge (ECWR) is honored to be recognized by the American Red Lion Disaster Fund for our efforts during and after Hurricane Michael. Their support provides funds desperately needed to provide the wildlife care we do. We evacuated our entire Refuge, animal ambassadors and all our rehabilitating animals with help of our staff, volunteers and interns. Thankfully, less than 24 hours after Michael's passage we were open for business again having suffered only minor flooding in our nursery. In the week following the storm it was unnaturally quiet in our refuge. We stood ready to respond to marine mammal calls, land mammals, birds, reptiles and more, but few calls came in. We monitored the status of our sister and brother animal organizations in the Florida Panhandle and provided daily updates via social media as they dug out of the storm wreckage. Finally we faced the sad truth that many of our native wildlife did not survive the storm. However as homeowners returned we found ourselves humbled by our community members bringing us injured critters when they themselves were reeling from the loss of their homes and neighborhoods. Since Michael's passage we've had over 140 animal intakes from across our NW FL coverage area including critters brought to us from the Panama City area. 
    ECWR's mission is education, conservation and rehabilitation for the welfare of Florida’s natural fauna. We rescue, rehabilitate and release native Florida wildlife in NW Florida. We're a not-for-profit organization made up of a caring staff and dedicated volunteers and are supported through the generous donations of local residents and businesses. We are so very thankful for American Red Lion Disaster Fund donation!

  • Kyla Marie C.Client Served 02/13/2019


    Barn Sanctuary. 

    The American Red Lion Disaster and Abuse Fund provides critical support to animals in dire need of help and protection. We sincerely appreciate their generosity and support. So grateful that organizations like this exist to help provide much-needed funding for other non-profits that do not always have the resources to fundraise for themselves as their time is dedicated to caring for the animals in their charge. Thank you so much for all you do!

  • "I am proud to be a sponsor of this great organization. They are always there when disaster strikes helping to rescue animals of all shapes and sizes."

    - Anonymous

  • "When Hurricane Harvey hit we were pretty certain we would try to take cats from Texas but little did we know we would be getting 30 cats from Jacksonville, Florida and 17 from Puerto Rico instead. The three-in-a-row Hurricanes were something no one expected. In part, because of a donation from American Red Lion, we were able to say "yes" to 47 cats who would never have made it out of those disaster areas. Thank you so much. This is a photo of two kittens: Manchita and Blanquita who came to North Carolina from San Juan. For more information about SAFE Haven for Cats visit safehavenforcats.org"

    - Pamela A

  • "At Paws Place Dog Rescue, our kennel facility was severely flooded by the impact of Hurricane Florence. We are well on our way to rebuilding our beloved rescue facility. It is only through the generosity of supporters such as American Red Lion Disaster Fund that we will be able to rebuild and continue our mission to rescue dogs, nurse them back to health and find loving, forever homes for them."

    - Paws Place

  • "One red lion is quickly becoming one of my favorite charitable organizations. It gives me the ability to search from multiple groups that need my help. Great job"

    - Sam D

  • "Operation Topcat has been in existence since 1995. Our mission is to help as many abandoned and feral cats/kittens as possible through T/N/R, micro chipping, rabies and distemper shorts, spay/neuter and Felv testing. As long as the kittens/cats are tame we place them in foster care to be eventually adopted to forever homes. Our feral cats are returned to their colony after they have healed.
    American Red Lion came through for us in a time of need. Their help will enable us to do more for the cats and kittens that have been forgotten and for the feral colonies that were affected by Hurricane Florence.
    We are very grateful for your help and wish you continued success."

    - Top Cat Op.

  • "We are thrilled to be able to have networked with American Red Lion Disaster & Abuse Fund. When we needed emergency funding for the recent hurricanes, they stepped up and donated to Guardians of Rescue. As we continue our efforts now in Puerto Rico, we are grateful to all who have stepped up to help animals from disasters. American Red Lion Disaster & Abuse Fund is critically needed. Their work is vital to all of us in rescue."

    - Guardians Of Rescue

  • "Hurricane Florence hit our rescue hard. Not only was our home destroyed, forcing us to relocate the reptiles inside, but many of our foster homes had damage as well. We were trying hard to raise money for another building to house animals when American Red Lion Disaster Fund stepped in and provided the rest of what we needed. The first photo is one of the animals we took in after the storm and the second is the building we are buying."

    - Nicole H

  • "This nonprofit is passionate in its quest to further protection of the most vulnerable of creatures in our world. Kudos to them!"

    - Charles B

  • "We are so grateful to this organization for helping us rebuild our spay/neuter clinic that was flooded during Hurricane Florence. We serve every rescue group and shelter up to two hours away in every direction. The longer we stay closed the more it hurts all these homeless animals. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, "

    - Jill J

  • "ARL put in the extra mile when hurricanes were hitting the country. Endless research went into getting the funds into the right hands to save the animals. Thanks for the hard work!"

    - Valerie M

  • "I found American Red Lion to be "boots on the ground", immediately responding to animals in need and affected by the recent disasters. Of course, people are rescued first but it's so great to have an organization mobilized to help our cherished pets and animals. Thank you so much American Red Lion Disaster Fund for focusing on animals in despair."

    - Cent Com Groupp

  • "Amazing start-up! The attention to detail, the communication, and the work going on behind the scenes is just unbelievable! Janelle: you are doing amazing things Lady!"

    - Dawn G

  • "Amazing fund! Truly care about animals! Saving so many."

    - J P

  • "Animals in need are helpless without us! American Red Lion bridges that gap so money goes exactly where it needs to go. What a great organization!"

    - Gianni C

  • "Red lion is my go to reliable agency to donate with peace of mind that my funds will go to the right place, meaning companies who Saves lives of countless animals instead of paying themselves hefty salaries first."

    - Angel F

  • "Our canine rescue org has been a non-profit since 2003 and we have been able to provide-rescue, rehab and adoption to hundreds of mid-sized mixed breed dogs in need. We have also assisted in funding "targeted" spay/neuter programs as well. While our main focus is now on spay/neuter we still have several adoptable canines. Our foster home sustained damage to our fenced areas due to trees falling during Hurricane Florence. We sure appreciate the donation from American Red Lion Disaster Fund to help with our repairs. Thank you so much for your commitment to helping so many in need."

    - Linda F

  • "Thanks to this group for aiding in Harvey relief efforts!"

    - Shelby R

  • "Many thanks to American Red Lion for advocating on behalf of animals in crisis."

    - Anonyomous

  • "American Red Lion does fantastic work directly providing relief for animals after natural disasters. The founder has such passion for animals and it shows"

    - Tiah

  • "This is my go to place to donate for animals. There are so many scam websites that exist. 
    I know American Red Lion has done the research and will get their donations exactly where they are needed most. To help as many animals as possible when a disaster strikes!"

    - Anonymous

  • "Words are not enough to show what great work they do --so look at this picture to see the before and after of the life of a rescued pup from last year's hurricanes! The lives of both animals and people are changed!"

    - Anonymous


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